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Ceremony for delivering of No. 1 car of KIA Premium Bus equipped with RSE



On February 20th, a ceremony for the delivery of the No.1 car of the 'New Granbird Premium Bus' was held with the attendance of Kim Yonglog

managing director of MOTREX and 50 plus officers and employees of KIA Motors(hereinafter "KIA Motors") at KIA Motors Gwangju/Hanam Shipment Yard.


This 'New Granbird Premium Bus' is first equipped with 'RSE (Rear Seat Entertainment)' developed by MOTREX.


'RSE' supports two-way communication technology for passenger's convenience in long-distance travel, and you can enjoy entertainment elements through a large-screen display.

It also has the advantage of being able to apply to all transportation modes beside the premium bus this time, and its market for the future is expected to expand gradually.